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The domestic hemp industry is growing over 30% per year and has the potential to reinvigorate economically stifled agricultural communities all across the United States. With its rapid growth cycle, hardiness, and versatility, hemp provides maximum benefit with minimal impact on the environment. 

The 2014 Farm Bill reintroduced hemp to our agricultural economy via state pilot programs and the 2018 Farm Bill finally ended the prohibition of this incredible crop. 41 states have enacted hemp bills and in 2018 over 70,000 acres of hemp were grown in 23 states. 

Hemp v. Corn v. Cotton

Hemp requires less water and pesticides than other industrial crops and grows to maturity in just 12-14 weeks (~90 days). Hemp also presents a superior carbon sequestration potential as 1 metric ton of hemp sequesters 1.5 metric tons of carbon. Furthermore, hemp does all this while remediating the soil so it's an ideal rotational crop. 

Hemp Plastic
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Hemp is a great feedstock for bioplastics. The largest industrial application of hemp plastic is currently in the automotive industry, where it is used for things like dashboards and interior door paneling. 

Most hemp bioplastics on the market today are fiber-reinforced biocomposites. These are composite materials made from a polymer matrix that is reinforced with natural fibers – in our case, hemp fibers.

To make a hemp biocomposite, microtized hemp hurd is infused with an existing bioplastic. For reference, the hurd is the woody core of the hemp stalk. 

Sana Hemp Plastic
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Our hemp plastic is 100% plant-based and chemical free. More specifically, it is a fiber-reinforced biocomposite made from hemp and corn. Our flagship formulation is 30% hemp hurd and 70% corn PLA (polylactic acid). 

We only use domestically grown hemp for our plastic because we support American farmers and American agriculture. The hemp is grown in Colorado, North Dakota, and Kentucky. Then, the hemp is processed in Kentucky and the plastic is made in North Dakota.