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Our linear "take-make-dispose" economic model has led to scarcity, volatility, and unaffordable pricing. The way we think about sustainability, disposable products, and waste recovery needs to evolve. It's time to change the narrative.

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We need to transition to a circular economic model. A circular economy is restorative and regenerative by design. It is meant to build economic, natural, and social capital by adhering to three guiding principals: (1) design out waste and pollution, (2) keep products and materials in use, and (3) regenerate natural systems.

Plastic Packaging Waste
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About 50% of the plastics we create are for disposable products, like packaging. Packaging also accounts for 30% of our municipal solid waste. Packaging should be regenerative and help heal the environment throughout its lifecycle.

Hemp Field
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Hemp is an ideal industrial crop and materials feedstock for a circular economy because it is both restorative and regenerative. With its rapid growth cycle, hardiness, and versatility, hemp provides maximum benefit with minimal impact on the environment.

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Recovery is a challenge for all packaging materials – whether they’re fossil-based, bio-based, recyclable, biodegradable, or compostable. Recovery includes recycling, composting, and other waste management strategies 

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The need for a more circular economy is easy to grasp and the philosophical foundations of a circular economy – natural cycles, feedback loops, etc. – can be traced back thousands of years. However, the road ahead becomes increasingly complicated when we look at the issues at a more granular level.

We need to rethink our approach to sustainability, disposable products, and waste recovery. Change starts with public education and awareness and at Sana Packaging we're having the right conversations.

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Sana Packaging is proud to participate in cannabis packaging round table discussions and work groups hosted by the Colorado Association for Recycling. We are also proud to support hemp research, education, and policy shaping organizations like the Industrial Hemp Research Foundation.

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The easiest way incite positive change is to start the right conversations. That is our mantra at Sana Packaging and part of our strategy to promote hemp-based packaging materials and bring regenerative packaging to the cannabis industry is pushing the media to have those conversations. 

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As rapidly growing and emerging industries, the cannabis industry and the industrial hemp industry are new platforms for positive economic, social, and environmental change. At Sana Packaging, we are using these platforms to speak up and help change the way we think about sustainability, disposable products, and waste recovery.

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Sana Packaging uses hemp to sustainably replace paper and plastic as packaging materials. Each year, there are tremendous amount of waste created by paper and plastic. Learn how Sana Packaging is creating a sustainable solution to packaging by using materials like hemp.