Sana Packaging Products Approved for Commercial Use in Oregon

Time for some more exciting Sana Packaging news: our 1/8th oz Flower Containers and Pre-Roll Tubes are officially approved for commercial use in the Beaver State! For those of you unfamiliar with state nicknames, Oregon is the Beaver State. But I digress…

Regulations are different in every state with a recreational and/or medical cannabis program. In Oregon, the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) “evaluates and approves medical and recreational marijuana packages and labels to ensure all packages and labels meet the requirements set out by the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) and the OLCC.”

Sana Packaging OLCC

There are six different OLCC Approved Packaging Lists:

  1. Approved Labels
  2. Child Resistance Not Required - Immature Plant and Seed Packaging
  3. Exit Packages
  4. Non-Child Resistant Packages - Exit Bag Required
  5. Single Use Child-Resistant Packages
  6. Resealable, Continually Child-Resistant Packages

Our 1/8th oz Flower Containers and Pre-Roll Tubes are on the “Resealable, Continually Child-Resistant Packages” list. Due to the “resealable” and “continually child-resistant” features required for this list, it is the most heavily regulated approved packaging list in Oregon. So, what does this all mean? In short, it means the packaging products on this list “do not require the use of an exit package” and “may be used as primary packaging or as an exit package.”

In conclusion, we’re proud to offer the most sustainably produced plastic, resealable, and continually child-resistant packaging in Oregon. We’re also proud to offer the only 100% plant-based hemp plastic packaging in Oregon.

Sana Packaging – Always Improving!

- James Eichner

James Eichner

James Eichner is the Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Sana Packaging. Prior to the cannabis industry, James worked in the environmental nonprofit sector, the music industry, and the publishing industry.