Industrial Hemp TEDx | The Trillion Dollar Crop | Gregg Moseley-Clarke

Here is another great TEDx Talk about industrial hemp. This one is by Gregg Moseley-Clarke at TEDx Bridgetown in 2013. Gregg looks specifically at how industrial hemp could help his native country, Barbados.

The most interesting revelation in this presentation is how industrial hemp could be used to generate 54% of Barbados’ annual energy use. Here’s how Gregg made that calculation…

  • 1 acre of hemp produces 42 barrels of oil.
  • Hemp can be harvested every 3 months, so 1 acre of hemp produces 168 barrels of oil per year.
  • There are 190 square kilometers of arable land in Barbados and the island nation is only at 80% capacity, meaning there are 38 square kilometers of unused arable land.
  • 38 square kilometers = 9,390 acres x 168 barrels/acre/year = 1,577,520 barrels of oil.
  • The average cost of regular oil is $105/barrel, so $105/barrel x 1,577,520 barrels of oil = $165,639,600 saved per year.
  • Barbados uses an average of 8,000 barrels of oil per day, so 1,577,520 barrels of oil / 8,000 barrels per day = 197 days of fuel.
  • 197 days of fuel / 365 days per year = 54% of Barbados’ energy demand.

Neat stuff – grow hemp!

James Eichner

James Eichner is the Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Sana Packaging. Prior to the cannabis industry, James worked in the environmental nonprofit sector, the music industry, and the publishing industry.