Hemp: The Chameleon of Cash Crops

“Hemp is for hippies!”

Perhaps. But if that’s the case, Henry Ford’s dream “to grow cars from the soil” made him a very smart hippie.

The Renew Sports Car pictured below is made from a variety of "hemp-tastic" materials, and although it is not Henry Ford’s, I bet he would like this vehicle. Almost anything can be made from hemp, so it seems hemp is really for "hemp-ryone."

Renew Hemp Sports Car.jpg

Seriously though…

23-46% of the CO2 produced by cars comes from the manufacturing process. That’s an outrageous number. We could drastically decrease this number by changing the raw materials we use to hemp (instead of metal, fiberglass, carbon fiber, petroleum plastics, etc.).

Can you imagine driving a vehicle made from carbon negative hemp? It’s not that farfetched of an idea. In fact, many of the big players in the automotive industry already know hemp is a viable raw material for car manufacturing. BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar, and Volkswagen use hemp-based composites and plastics for their interior door paneling, dashboards, and body molding.

At Sana Packaging, we’re using plant-based hemp plastic to bring the hemp revolution to cannabis packaging (for starters). Most consumers don’t think about the packaging and fulfillment process. We consume the things we buy and do our best to properly dispose of the endless stream of petroleum-based plastic packaging. The truth is that most of the things we buy come in some sort of packaging, and packaging can make or break a great product. One of our primary goals is to bring sustainably produced packaging to the cannabis industry that is both compliant (child-resistant, etc.) and differentiated (not a pop-top). In so doing, we will help detoxify our oceans and our atmosphere.

Now more than ever, bold and adventurous entrepreneurs across all industries are dreaming up innovative solutions to help conserve and replenish our environment and they’re turning those dreams into realities. Furthermore, these solutions are cost-effective, beautifully designed, and highly functional.  At Sana Packaging, we truly believe that everything can be improved, and that belief is the driving force behind our business.

While hemp might still feel mystical, enchanting, and too good to be true, that’s simply not the case. Ok fine, it’s mystical and enchanting but it’s definitely not too good to be true. So no, hemp is not just for hippies. Hemp is for people who want a healthier planet. Hemp is for people who appreciate efficiency. Hemp is for people who appreciate functionality. Hemp is for everyone.

Materials made from industrial hemp are – in almost every case – superior to their counterparts. Materials made from industrial hemp are stronger, lighter, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly. Industrial hemp is providing us with an opportunity to find a balance between consumerism and environmentalism (or as we like to call it, common sense). Last, and definitely not least, industrial hemp can reinvigorate our agricultural economy.

- Nanu Berks


Nanu Berks is a PR & Branding Advisor with a focus on AI technology and plant medicine. She has been working remotely for seven years while researching cross-cultural integrations across The Americas. Nanu graduated from the University of Massachusetts Amherst with a dual degree in Communications and Science.