Innovative packaging for the collective good.

We envision a world where our bodies, natural environment, and oceans are not polluted with toxic waste. We envision a circular economy that creates economic, natural, and social capital by regenerating our planet’s natural systems. Our cannabis packaging is made using 100% plant-based hemp plastic, 100% reclaimed ocean plastic, and other sustainable materials. When you choose Sana Packaging, you choose a healthy future for our planet.

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Changing the narrative.

We believe packaging should be regenerative and help to heal the environment throughout its lifecycle. Choosing Sana Packaging sends a clear message to your customers: you’re invested in the future of our planet, our economy, and our social wellbeing.

Align your brand with the future you want to see!

"I feel so much hope for this emerging industry when I see companies like yours who have identified needs and have a viable long term solution."


"We are proud to say Sana Packaging now supplies all our pre-roll tubes. With their help we have reached the next level!"

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"Sana Packaging gave us hope for the future of the cannabis industry."

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